Frequently Asked Questions

You will find answers to all of your most common driveway and patio related questions located here.

It is a good idea to try to tie the bricks or slabs in with the house, both in colour and style. Keep in mind that a very light colour will require more maintenance, as stains (such as tyre marks and oil spills) will be more visible. A contemporary look will be achieved with a smooth and/or contrasted product. In a more traditional house, a rumbled aged slab or brick will be more suited. Often a different colour border helps to define the driveway and adds detail.

It depends on the type of products used for the patio or driveway. Natural stone, bricks and slabs and concrete are very durable: they will last you many years. Tarmacadam driveways (asphalt/tar) are more affordable but less durable.

The price varies greatly. That is why we call and see the job, before giving a free quotation. Some of the main factors are:
– scale
– details
– steps, capping walls, circles, flowerbeds, borders & kerbing. All those require additional work, which will need to be factored into the price
– no access to the patio, as the ground will be excavated by hand and materials need to go through the house
– materials chosen, wide range of prices
– time required to lay the chosen material. Some are more labour intensive  like natural stone. Some other products can be machine-laid, therefore substantially reducing the cost like tarmac.

The area between bricks is filled with paving sand to give stability and prevent weeds from growing. A top up with paving sand is recommended once a year to avoid problems with weeds. Where ever possible flood grout as this adds strength and reduces weeds.

It depends on the product chosen. A natural stone (granite, sandstone, yorkstone) will maintain its colour over time. The colour of bricks, slabs and concrete products is susceptible to weather conditions and it will slowly fade over time, giving a more aged look. This is usually not a problem, unless a new section of paving is added resulting in a patched effect. In those cases, a better option is to choose a different brick or colour, or store some of the original paving.

To keep the original colour of your concrete paving we recommend that you seal your concrete products with a stone impregnation sealer. This will significantly enhance the lifespan of your products.

Your new driveway can be used immediately when its finished. This applies to tarmac, asphalt and a paved driveway. If its a concrete driveway, we will give you a time estimate before you can use it properly. Concrete has to cure in order to take heavy vehicular traffic and can take a couple of days depending on the weather.

We do not use skips, therefore no skips left for days or weeks outside your property. All material is removed by our own vehicles as we progress through the work meaning the outside of your home is kept safe and tidy during the entire process.

We can advise on the most appropriate solutions that are best suited to the paved surfaces of your property. We make sure no surface water pooling will occur on our driveway or patio.